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Workers union - federation

Saskatchewan Federation of Labour


The Saskatchewan Federation of Labour represents over 100,000 members, from 37 national and international unions. Our affiliate membership belongs to over 500 locals across Saskatchewan and represents dozens of communities. We strive to improve working people's lives throughout the province, whether organized or unorganized, and regardless of affiliation to the Federation. The SFL serves as Saskatchewan's "voice of working people" in speaking on local, provincial, national, and even international issues. We support the principles of social unionism and struggle for social and economic justice for all.
Just some of the issues on which the Federation continues to provide advocacy include occupational health and safety, pensions, labour standards, the minimum wage, equal pay for women, and childcare. Of course, the SFL also plays a role on the national and international stage, participating in the debate on such issues as human rights, poverty, medicare, the growing gap between the rich and the poor, and homophobia, to name a few.
A Statement on the Layoffs at Potashcorp

People across Saskatchewan were disappointed to learn that PotashCorp will be laying off approximately 18% of its total workforce, displacing 440 Saskatchewan working people. Most of the cuts will take place in Lanigan, in Cory, where production will be scaled back, and in Potashcorp’s headquarters in Saskatoon. In addition to the layoffs in our province, the company is also cutting over 600 positions elsewhere in Canada, in the United States, and Trinidad.
Losing one’s job is never easy, but it is especially unfortunate now as we enter the holiday season. It’s also extremely unfortunate that a corporation as successful as Potashcorp, which has made billions of dollars in profits from its operations in Saskatchewan, would decide to resort to layoffs instead of finding other means to cope with low potash prices. Job loss not only affects the men and women who make corporations rich while trying to earn a living, but also their families, friends, and communities.
On behalf of the Saskatchewan Federation of Labour Executive Council and our affiliated members, we offer our best wishes to all of the employees that find themselves without work today. It is our hope that the impacts will be as short-lived as possible.
Larry Hubich
Saskatchewan Federation of Labour President




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