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2011.09.04 au 2011.12.24, 15:30 à 17:00


Pilgrimage to Freedom Caravan 2011

The caravan will end in Toronto with a march and celebration, featuring a great line up of speakers and performers such as Rosina Kazi from LAL. Join us as we make labour history!!

Toronto meeting point:
Ontario Ministry of Labour
400 University Ave.
(just south of Dundas St. W and St. Patrick subway stattion)

Marching to the Simcoe Park Workers’ Monument
(Front St. and Simcoe St.)
for closing celebration from 3:30- 5pm
** If you cannot join the march, consider waiting at the park and be part of the reception for the caravan!

Last year, over 150 migrant workers and their allies made history by marching over 50 Km, an equivalent of 12 hours, from Leamington to Windsor, Ontario demanding justice, respect and dignity for the hundreds of thousands employed under the auspices of Canada’s Temporary Foreign Worker Programs. Over the last year, thousands of people have heard the testimonies and the stories that led to organizing the march. Demands for permanent residency and citizenship status, an end to repatriations and deportations, labour law reform, equal access to social entitlements and an end to the coercive role of recruiters and contractors has inspired many others about the realities faced by migrant workers in Canada.

Migrant workers and members of Justicia for Migrant Workers have continued to organize in rural Ontario and are once again demanding that the chains of indentureship in Canada be broken! This year the pilgrimage continues as a form of a caravan across rural Ontario. Migrant workers and their allies will be recreating the stops of the underground railroad to pay tribute to the important struggles of resistance that we base our struggle upon. On September 4th, 2011 we visited St. Catharines, Virgil, NOTL, and Niagara Falls during the first stage of the Pilgrimage to Freedom, and it was a very successful and touching day.

J4MW is requesting the support of community, religious, labour and allied organizations to join us for this year’s two remaining actions.

September 4, 2011
St. Catharines - Virgil - NOTL- Niagara

September 25, 2011
Windsor - Leamington - Chatham - Dresden
Meet at 11:00 am at the Tower for Freedom Monument, at 100 Pitt St East, Windsor Ontario, and get on the bus for the Pilgrimage to Freedom Caravan.


Ontario Ministry of Labour


400 University Ave.







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