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Abolition of health-based exclusions to permanent status!

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2017.11.12, 09:00 à 09:00


Good afternoon,

In less than two weeks, 53 organizations, and nearly 1,500 individuals signed this Open Letter calling for an end to the medical inadmissibility regime which discriminates against Disabled people.

The Standing Committee on Citizenship and Immigration (CIMM) completed its public hearings yesterday. It will now enter into deliberations, and eventually make a report with recommendations to the government. The government has 90 days to respond, though it can sooner. The response does not have to implement any of the recommendations made.

Yesterday the Immigration Minister promised to make changes while testifying at CIMM. He didn't specify what changes or by when. So while it is clear that all the pressure is working, we have to continue to mobilize.

Here are some steps you can take:

1. Contacting the CIMM MPs

Just now, I reached out to our supporters across the country who live in the riding of the MPs in CIMM and encouraged them to call their MP and insist on a a total repeal of 38(1)(c) and status for everyone who has been denied under this provision in the last ten years. If you are able to do this, get in touch and we can share draft phone scripts.

2. Contacting Minister Hussen

We are calling on organizations and individuals to write letters to Minister Hussen directly reiterating these demands. Even if CIMM brings forward the strongest recommendations, repealing 38(1)(c) will be a Cabinet decision - so we need to continue to communicate with the Immigration Minister. His comments yesterday provide a jumping point for us to reiterate that he must commit quickly and with a clear deadline to a full repeal. Get in touch if you need assistance writing this letter.

3. Engaging in mainstream and social media

If you were to read the news today, you would think that the fight was already won. The CBC headline is "Liberals to scrap policy that rejects sick, disabled immigrants". You have to read half way down the story to see that the Minister said no such thing. We need to educate the media and the public. This means writing letters to the editor, more Op-Eds, press conference or press releases with directly affected people, as well as personal and organizational social media posts to say that the fight is not over and that the Minister must commit fully. Over the next few weeks we will be producing some of this content but invite you to do the same if you can. Please share them with us, and we can amplify as broadly as possible.

The medical inadmissibility regime is a deeply disablist and discriminatory part of an immigration system that is already stacked against poor and working class, racialized, Disabled, queer and trans people. We have a moment now to fix this one part of the system. Let's do this together.



Syed Hussan
T: 1-855-567-4722 ext. 700
E: hussan@migrantworkersalliance.org

Migrant Workers Alliance for Change
720 Spadina Avenue, Suite 223,
Toronto, ON M5S 2T9
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