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Gender and Rural Migration: Realities, Conflict and Change




Glenda Bonifacio


Gender and Rural Migration: Realities, Conflict and Change explores the intersection of gender, migration, and rurality in 21st-century Western and non-Western contexts. In a world where heightened globalization is making borders increasingly porous, rural communities form part of the migration nexus. While rural out-migration is well-documented, the gendered dynamics of rural in-migration - including return rural migration and the connectivity of rural-urban/global-local spaces - are often overlooked. In this collection, well-grounded case studies involving diverse groups of people in rural communities in Australia, Austria, Brazil, Canada, China, Norway, the United States, and Uzbekistan are organized into three themes: contesting rurality and belonging, women’s empowerment and social relations, and sexualities and mobilities. As demonstrated in this anthology, rural areas are contested sites among queer youth, same-sex couples, working women, young mothers, migrant farm workers, temporary foreign workers, in-migrants, and return migrants. The rich expositions of various narratives and statistical data in multidisciplinary perspectives by emerging and established scholars claim gender and rurality as nodal points in contemporary migration discourse.




1. Introduction Glenda Tibe Bonifacio Part I: Contesting Rurality and Belonging 2. Stories of Butterflies in Winterland: In-Migrants’ Representations of Northern Coastal Realities in Norway Mai Camilla Munkejord 3. Reproducing Gendered Rural Relations?: Tensions and Reconciliations in Young Women’s Narratives of Leaving and Returning in Newfoundland, Canada Deatra Walsh 4. Mobility, Diversity, Identity: Challenges of Young Women in Rural Areas in Austria Tatjana Fischer and Gerlind Weber 5. Escaping the Neon Glamour?: Potential Return Migration of Rural Migrants in China Li Yu, Wei Xu, Yu Zhu and Liyue Lin Part II: Women’s Empowerment and Social Relations 6. Empowerment of the Fields: Betabeleras and the Western Nebraska Sugar Industry Tisa M. Anders and Rosa Elia Cobos 7. Migrating Women: Guardians of the Secrets of the Amazon Forest Maria da Conceição Araújo Castro 8. Health, Mobility, Livelihood and Social Change in the Lives of Women in Rural Uzbekistan Zulfiya Tursunova Part III: Sexualities and Mobilities 9. A Family That Prays Together Stays Together?: Social Ties of Rural Sexual Minority Youth in Kentucky Christopher J. Stapel 10. Sea-Change: Gender, Sexualities, Mobility and Home Gordon Waitt 11. "The Lonely Planet": Filipino Temporary Foreign Workers, Housing Arrangements and Sexualities in Rural Alberta Glenda Tibe Bonifacio


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