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Agriculture Workers Alliance Bits and Bites! 3(11)




Agriculture Workers Alliance


Major victory for agricultural workers in Quebec

UFCW Canada Social Justice Program Launches Scholarships for Migrant Workers

Here We Grow Again - AWA 10th Centre Opens

“Premier Stelmach: End the Harvest of Death”! Campaign Reignited

May 1st, International Workers Day

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AWA E-News

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Agriculture Workers Alliance

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Major victory for agricultural workers in Quebec

The Quebec Labour Relations Board has granted union certification to seasonal workers at the Johanne L’Écuyer et Pierre Locas farm. This historic decision follows more than 20 months of hearings, after UFCW local 501 requested certification arguing article 21.5 of the labour code was unconstitutional.

This is a first and very important victory to more than 27,000 agricultural workers, both Quebecers and migrants, since they will now be able to negotiate collectively their working and living conditions. The Board ruled that denying this right was unjustifiable in a democratic society.

For the last 5 years, local 501 has fought for this worker’s rights before the tribunals. Its with great joy that the president of the local and the organizers learn the news about the decision. “These workers, and many to come, will now have a strong voice to represent them”.

In collaboration with UFCW, the Agricultural Workers Alliance runs 10 support centres for agricultural workers across Canada.

UFCW Canada Social Justice Program Launches Scholarships for Migrant Workers

As the largest private-sector union in Canada, UFCW Canada understands the importance of education, and as such is launching five scholarships for the children, grandchildren, sisters, brothers, nieces, and nephews of Migrant Workers in Canada.

For more information about these scholarships or to apply on line, visit the UFCW Canada/Migrant Workers Scholarship page.

Here We Grow Again - AWA 10th Centre Opens

May marks the start of another season for the AWA centres across Canada. This year the AWA is proud to open a new centre in Saint-Eustache, Quebec bringing our national total to 10.

For more information about the activities at each centre, their locations and contact information, please visit our AWA website.

“Premier Stelmach: End the Harvest of Death”! Campaign Reignited

After being asked by the Premier to investigate the workplace death of farm worker Kevan Chandler, Justice Barley found that farm workers must be included in Alberta’s Occupational Health and Safety Act (OHSA) to prevent future workplace injuries and deaths.

To date, Premier Stelmach has ignored that advice. As the leader of a majority government, Premier Stelmach is the “decider”. He has the power to save lives with the stroke of a pen by granting basic health and safety rights to farm workers – they’re the same rights that most of us already have.

Click here to tell Premier Stelmach: End the Harvest of Death!


May 1st, International Workers Day

In this time of crisis, May 1st Movement (M1M) calls on all working class people to step up their level of organization and agitation in their neighbourhoods, workplaces, schools, community centers, religious institutions, and anywhere else where we can begin to unite working class and progressive people for the annual International Workers Day on May 1st 2010.

For more information about this event and other events before the main event visit: www.basicsnews.ca


Los sectores económicos

Agriculture and horticulture workers

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