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CCR National Strategy Meeting on Migrant Worker Issues

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2013.11.27, Todo el día


ooking to strengthen your understanding of policies and practices affecting refugees and immigrants to Canada?

Looking for opportunities to develop professional skills, strategies and good practices when working with refugees and other newcomers to Canada?

You’ll find these and other opportunities to meet and exchange with others working in your field at the Canadian Council for Refugees Fall Consultation in Kitchener-Waterloo from 28-30 November 2013 on the theme Everyone has a part to play: what's your part?

And there’s more! On 27 November join discussions on trafficking issues (National Forum on Trafficking Issues) and migrant workers rights (National Strategy Meeting on Migrant Worker Issues).

Information about the Consultation, 27 November sessions, workshop descriptions and online registration forms are available at: http://ccrweb.ca/meetings. Register by Friday 8 November to take advantage of reduced fees.

Please share this information with colleagues, clients and others interested in participating. It will help us to enrich the conference experience for everyone.

This all-day forum will be a strategy meeting for advocates for migrant workers’ rights from across Canada.

Some of the objectives of this meeting are:

To share strategies around awareness-raising and advocacy
To network with others working on migrant worker issues
To discuss key issues such as: international recruitment fees, communications strategies for campaigns, how different groups can best work together
To find ways for all concerned for migrant workers to join forces to bring about positive change.

We welcome any and all input into the planning of this meeting.

Please write to: marisa@ccrweb.ca with suggestions, or if you are willing to help out.


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