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2013 UFCW Canada Migrant Workers Scholarships

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Migration and the hope of providing a better future for our children have always gone hand in hand. As the largest private-sector union in Canada, UFCW Canada understands the importance of education. As such, we are offering 20 scholarships for the children, grandchildren, sisters, brothers, nieces, and nephews of migrant workers.

Each scholarship is in the amount of $500 CDN. Since 2010, UFCW Canada’s Migrant Workers Scholarships have generated over 9,000 applications from around the globe and produced 25 extraordinary recipients.

Application Deadline:
December 31, 2013 at 5:00 p.m. Only those accepted to receive the scholarships will be notified via registered mail or email by May 31, 2014.

Scholarship Criteria:
Only those persons who entered Canada to work under the Temporary Foreign Workers Program such as a live-in caregiver, a seasonal agriculture worker, or a temporary foreign worker in any industry (“the Applicant”) are eligible to apply. An Applicant can nominate his/ her children, grandchildren, sisters, brothers, nieces, and nephews.

The Nominee Child may be living in any country, can be of any nationality, must be between 4-25 years of age, and must be attending or hoping to attend an educational institution.

The Application Form must be fully completed to be considered and shall not be returned. The decision of UFCW Canada in awarding the Scholarships is final and not subject to review or scrutiny.

Apply By Mail:
Please complete the UFCW Canada Migrant Workers Scholarships Application Form (attached) and mail to:
UFCW Canada Migrant Workers Scholarships 2013
300-61 International Boulevard, Toronto, Ontario, Canada, M9W 6K4

Or Apply Online:
Migrant Workers Scholarship Application Form (English)

Formulaire de demande de bourse d'études (French)

Formulario de solicitud de beca (Spanish)

奖学金申请表 (Chinese)

แบบฟอร์มการสมัครขอทุนการศึกษา (Thai)

Aplikasyon sa scholarship (Pilipino)






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