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2013 Canadian Gathering on Migrant Workers Rights

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2013.11.02, Todo el día


MigrantWorkersRights-Canada is holding a 2013 Canadian Gathering on Migrant Workers Rights on Saturday, November 2 in Ottawa (University of Ottawa - 120 University Private - FSS 5028).

Everyone in Canada working towards abolishing the restrictions on migrants workers’ right to change employers and ensuring access to permanent residency status for these workers is invited to participate.

10:00am-10:30am Welcoming remarks and presentation roundtable

10:30am-12pm Updates on research and advocacy initiatives on the prohibitions to change employers and to choose one’s place of residence

2:00pm-4:30pm Updates on research and advocacy initiatives on the prohibition (or systemic inhumane delays) to be reunified with partner and/or children and access permanent status in country of legal employment

5:00pm-8pm Dinner (restaurant to be confirmed) and informal discussion on possible future collaboration for joint research and/or advocacy initiatives

Registration: coordination_canada@migrantworkersrights.net

To propose the inclusion in the program of a formal 15-min presentation of research results, please send short bio and abstract before Friday October 18, 2013.

Selected background documents accessible online:

Depatie-Pelletier, E. (2008), “Under “Legal Practices Similar to Slavery” According to the U.N. Convention: Canada’s “Non White” Foreign Workers in “Low-Skilled” Occupations, see link below

Gordon, J. (2011), « Free Movement and Equal Rights for Low-Wage Workers ? What the United States Cana Learn From the New EU Migration to Britain », see link below

Hahamovitch, C. (2003), “Creating Perfect Immigrants: Guestworkers of the World in Historical Perspective,” see link below

Ontiveros, M. L. (2010), « Noncitizen Immigrant Labour and the Thirteenth Amendment : Challenging Guest Worker Programs », see link below

West Coast Domestic Workers Association (2013), “Access to Justice for Domestic Workers in BC”, see link below

Sukthankar, A. (2012), “Visa Inc. Corporate Control and Policy Incoherence in the U.S. Temporary Foreign Labour System”, Global Workers Alliance, see link below

Registration information:

Register before Friday, October 18 by email to

To propose a presentation, send us a short bio and abstract (including the
estimated time of the presentation and the required audio-visual equipment)
before Monday, October 14.

To help with the organization or for more information about the event, do not
hesitate to contact us.




120 University Private - FSS 5028






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