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Support Migrant Dreams, a documentary by award-winning Min Sook

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Migrant Dreams is a feature documentary that takes you into the world of women who have left home to work in Canada in order to support their families.

Min Sook Lee is an award winning filmmaker, community artist and teacher with a diverse and prolific portfolio of multimedia work. The issues that inform her artistic practice include the politics of gender, race, social justice, equity, transnational labour, municipal structures and migration. Min Sook’s work is heavily research based and informed by an analysis of state structures and power dynamics.

You can help by donating: http://migrantdreams.ca/indiegogo/

The realities facing migrants in Canada are stories that need to be told. This particular documentary gives particular attention to the personal stories of transnational migrant women--many of them who are mothers--working in masculinized industries such as agriculture. While in Canada they undergo great travails to support their families back home, they also have a unique opportunity to dream new lives amidst hardship.

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