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Waterloo Region Migrant Workers Interest Group (WRMWIG)


In the wake of a tragic accident on February 6, 2012, which claimed the lives of 9 migrant agricultural workers from Peru, an immigrant worker from Nicaragua (all of whom resided in the Kitchener area) as well as a Canadian truck driver, various community groups and individuals in the Waterloo Region have expressed interest in forming a network to provide support for migrant workers living and/or working in and around the Waterloo Region. Founding groups include The Working Centre, the International Migration Research Centre and Justicia for Migrant Workers, as well as many members of the local Latino community, but this group invites participation from all interested parties. The goals of the group will be to identify the needs of migrant workers in the community, provide support and information them, and ultimately to create a more inclusive and just community. For more information, to get involved or to join the listserv, please email: wrmwig@gmail.com





Los sectores económicos

Agriculture and horticulture workers

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Trabajadores (in) migrantes, Legisladores, Periodistas, y Conciencia Pública

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