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Update on Eloid Drummond's (migrant farmworker) fight for justice in Canada





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UPDATE: Eloid recently learned that after waiting 2 years, he will finally get his surgery! Plans are underway to organize a community event in London, Ontario to celebrate this amazing victory. Sadly, despite this win, Eloid’s fight is far from over. He does not yet know whether the insurance company will provide financial support while he recovers. Further, the conditions of his visitor visa ensure that he will remain in poverty until he is able to regain function in his arm and figure out his next steps. For those of you who have committed to hosting a fundraiser, please know that it is still desperately needed. A massive thank you to everyone who has stood in solidarity and responded to this call for support!

Eloid asked us to reach out to people who could assist him at this time. If you would like to contribute, or if you would like to host a fundraiser in your community, please contact: Beryl Brown (Bright Lights) at 416-244-3368 or Jessica Ponting (Justicia for Migrant Workers) at 647-401-9611 or Alberto Lalli (IAVGO Community Legal Clinic) at 416-924-6477. Thank you!

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