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The “Pilot” for recruiting temporary foreign workers for low-skilled jobs should be abolished

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Maytree Foundation


The Pilot Project for Occupations Requiring Lower Levels of Formal Training should be abolished. Those who are currently in Canada under this program should be granted permanent residence.


The “Pilot” may lead to a growth in undocumented residents
When a temporary foreign worker’s visa expires, one of three things will happen: 1) their work permit may be extended for up to four years if they continue to be employed, but they
will have no access to services and no possibility of family reunification; 2) the workers will leave when their visas expire, requiring employers to recruit and tra
in other temporary workers to replace them; or 3) the workers will go underground and become undocumented and even more vulnerable. As more people go underground, Canada will face problems like many European countries experienced with their guest workers in the 1960’s and 70’s, and the United States with its undocumented population.

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