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S.A.M.E calls out to students looking to make a difference this summer!





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Summer is officially here and that means it's time for S.A.M.E. volunteer season!

S.A.M.E. (Students Against Migrant Exploitation) is quickly gearing up for what promises to be its most active and action-packed summer ever. Following up on a momentous springtime province-wide tour, S.A.M.E. is now launching a series of summer events in cities across Southern Ontario.

You could get involved and make a real difference! S.A.M.E is looking for volunteers to help create, organize, implement, host and promote a series of S.A.M.E events between now and Labour Day.

Events include community social gatherings such as barbeques, soccer tournaments, and film screenings. We also are looking for S.A.M.E volunteers to help with educational and Health & Safety seminars, community engagement, and English as a Second Language workshops.

If you or anyone you know is interested in getting involved and making a difference. as well as obtaining experience working with a progressive, energetic, non-profit organization, please contact info@thesame.ca

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