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Pascua v Khul-Schachter




The plaintiff, Sunshine Pascua, was employed as a full-time nanny and live-in caregiver for the two children of the defendant, Michelle Khul-Schachter.The plaintiff commenced work with the defendant on August 20, 2009. She was terminated by the defendant without notice on September 30, 2011. During her employment the plaintiff was under a work visa or permit (“Work Permit”) which was renewed on April 1, 2011 and extended to March 31, 2014.The plaintiff submitted that she was wrongfully dismissed because of her pregnancy.

Outcome: In the result, therefore, there will be judgment for the plaintiff against the defendant for the amount of $6,888.

Court name

Ontario Superior Court of Justice

Parallel citation

[2013] OJ No 3496 (QL)

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Economic sectors

Dancers, Home child care providers, and Home support workers, housekeepers and related occupations

Content types

Documented cases of abuse

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