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Ottawa slow to monitor temporary foreign worker program compliance




Bill Curry


Newly released details on the temporary foreign worker program reveal that only a handful of public servants – and for many years none at all – were assigned to investigate whether EMPLOYERS were following the rules.

Before 2010, not a SINGLE government worker was responsible for monitoring compliance with the program, even as about 200 federal employees processed employers’ applications to bring in foreign workers.

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The Globe And Mail


Records show that it was not until 2010 that the federal government assigned staff to monitor compliance with the foreign worker program and investigate potential violations.

In response to extensive controversy, the Conservative government announced major changes in June to limit use of the program and prevent abuse. At that time, officials confirmed that about 40 staff work on compliance aspects and that reforms would bring that up to 60 or more.

The conservative government failed to provide a detailed breakdown of staffing levels for compliance in recent years.

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