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Moving the Temporary Labour Migration Debate to the Fundamentals: Employer/Agent-Bonded Migrant Workers as Victims of State Violations of Human Rights

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Eugénie Depatie-Pelletier


"The name of the employer is stamped in the passport of the worker, and he is prohibited from working for another employer (...). (...) [H]uman dignity is not satisfied (...). The right to liberty, for its part, is violated (...) [T]he ‘change of employer procedure’ (...) cannot negate this violation. (...) [W]e cannot avoid the conclusion (...) that the restrictive arrangement has created a modern form of slavery." - Justice Levy (unanimous decision), Supreme Court of Israel, 2006

Eugénie Depatie-Pelletier is completing the doctoral program at the University of Montreal Faculty of Law and coordinates the CÉRIUM/REDTAC-(im)migration research network. Since 2006, she conducted studies and collective discussions on immigration and migrant workers protection policies within academic circles, and worked as expert for the benefit of non‐governmental organisations, Canadian and Chinese public agencies, as well as international organizations. Her current research concerns employer/agent-bonding policies restricting (im)migrant workers’ right to liberty, right to physical and psychological integrity, right to equality, and freedom of association.

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CÉRIUM/REDTAC-(im)migration Working papers

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