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Migration of Women Workers from South Asia to the Gulf




Rakkee Thimothy and S.K. Sasikumar


UN women - 2012. "Released by UN Women and the V.V Giri Labour Insititute, the report Migration of Women Workers from South Asia to the Gulf analyses the processes, outcomes and problems associated with the migration of women workers from South Asian countries to the Gulf region, focusing on five major sending countries in South Asia – Bangladesh, India, Nepal, Pakistan and Sri Lanka – and six major receiving countries of the Gulf region – Bahrain, Kuweit, Oman, Qatar, Saudi Arabia and United Arab Emirates. Highlighting the positive economic aspects of migration in South Asia, this report also addresses the areas where women continue to experience injustice, violence and inequality at various stages of the migration cycle."

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UN Women, V.V Giri Labour Insititute

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Women, Rights and protection of migrants

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General relevance - all sectors

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Policy analysis, Documented cases of abuse, and Support initiatives

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(Im)migrants workers, Policymakers, Journalists, Public awareness, Employers, agencies and their representatives, Researchers, Unions, and NGOs/community groups/solidarity networks