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Migrant Workers Help Line





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South Korea

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Migrants’ Help Line - 1644-0644

The Migrant Workers Center operates a multilingual consultation support service for migrant workers who are having language and communications difficulties.

Regardless of where they are in Korea, migrant workers can just press 1644-0655 to access 14 different languages:

The Center provides counselling services in the following area:
- Delayed and Non-payment of wages,
- Immigration and Sojourn Matters,
- Employment Permit System,
- Employment Visitation,
- Industrial Accidents
- International marriages,
- Women’s issues,
- Medical care issues,
- Housing: rentals, etc.,
- Death and Funerala,
- Fraud, Assaulta, Civil litigationa,
- and morec.

HelpLine 1644 – 0644 + extension number for each language:
1. Korean
2. Mongol
3. Vietnam
4. Chinese
5. Indonesia
6. Thai
7. English & Filipino
8. Sri Lanka
9. Uzbekistan
10. Pakistan
11. Cambodia
12. Nepal
13. Myanmar
14. Bangladesh

Call Back Service - leave your phone number for a call back
Three-way calls/interpretation service with interpreters and counsellors

- Monday ~ Friday 09:00 ~ 18:00
- Sunday 13:00 ~ 19:00
- Lunch Break 12 ~ 13
- Closed Saturdays and Official Holidays.

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