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Long Wait For Foreign Caregivers To Call Canada their Home




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Canada, 21st January: Foreign caregivers wanting to call Canada their home by becoming Canada permanent residents are facing longer waiting periods.

As per the records, the waiting period of foreign caregivers wanting to get Canada permanent residency status is nearly five years and still without any results.

Longer Delays for Foreign Caregivers Awaiting Canada permanent residency Foreign caregivers face longer waiting periods for getting Canada permanent residency—The dream of an increased number of foreign caregivers wanting to become Canada permanent residency is being delayed. And this is entirely due to flawed Canada live-in caregiver program.

Canada live-in caregiver program is delaying the dream of many foreign caregivers in Canada wanting to become Canada permanent residents due to increased backlogs.

Lengthy wait periods under Canada’s old live-in Caregiver program(LCP) for Canada permanent resident status are making it worse for many of foreign caregivers.

Average processing of Canada permanent residency applications—On an average, it takes nearly 47 months for Canada to process Canada permanent residency applications in the backlog. This has been revealed by Immigration Refugees and Citizenship Canada’s official website.

As per the official spokesperson for Canada immigration, Nancy Chan, aggressive efforts are being made by officials to bring down a huge backlog of Canada permanent residency applications.

This becomes clear by taking a look at the figures for backlog of Canada permanent residency applicants under LCP. At the beginning of the year 2014, the backlog under the LCP was 58,000 applicants. This included principal applicants and their common-law partners, dependents as well as their spouses, reveals Chan in an email.

However, looking at the figures dated 3rd December, 2015, the backlog has come down to 38,000. So, its coming down slowly.

Moreover, another fact worth notable is that foreign caregivers needed 24 months or at least 3,900 hours of full-time live-in employment within a period of four years for getting qualified for Canada permanent residency status.

No Canada visitor visa for those awaiting Canada permanent residency status—Another harrowing fact worth notable with regard to the apathy faced by Canada permanent residency applicants waiting for their Canada permanent residency is that their spouses back home are not allowed to get Canada visitor visas to come to Canada for seeing their spouses.

Consider, for instance, the example of 30-year-old former caregiver Simarjot Gill. She says she has been waiting for nearly 49 months to get her Canada permanent residency status. Her mother and father wanting to visit her in Canada this summer, but were not allowed to get a Canada visitor visa since they don’t have any travel history. It’s really very frustrating, feels Gill who works in a hospital as a housekeeper in Surrey, B.C.


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