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Federal government moves to protect foreign workers, limit their stay.




Canadian Press


The federal government has introduced proposed regulatory changes to prevent temporary foreign workers from abuse.

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Canadian Press

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The federal government has introduced proposed regulatory changes to prevent temporary foreign workers from abuse.

The move would also cap on the number of years a foreign worker can remain in Canada.

Under the changes proposed by Immigration Minister Jason Kenney, companies offering temporary jobs to foreign workers would face tougher assessments.

Employers failing to live up to wage, working condition and other promises made to foreign workers would be banned from hiring temporary foreign workers for two years – and their names placed on the Citizenship and Immigration website.

The proposals come just two days after Manitoba's Department of Labour launched an investigation into the case of four Filipino workers who said they faced intimidation and broken promises after being recruited to work in Canada.

The workers complained that they were not paid wages owed to them, had to pay thousands of dollars in fees and airfare to an Ontario employment recruiter, and were forced to pay rent for a home owned by their employer.

Kenney says he has a duty to ensure the Temporary Foreign Workers Program is fair and equitable.

Under the plan, foreign workers who qualify would be able to work in Canada for a cumulative four years, but would then not be eligible to work in Canada for six years.

"This reflects the fact that the program is designed to address short-term labour market shortages and is not a solution to long-term labour needs," said a statement from Kenney's office.

Exceptions would be allowed under certain circumstances.


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