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Federal Budget 2018 - Protecting Temporary Foreign Workers




Government of Canada


Budget 2018 - page 212

Equality Growth : a strong middle class

Part 4: Security and Access to Justice

Protecting Temporary Foreign Workers

The Temporary Foreign Worker Program and the International Mobility Program are Canada's two programs that govern the entry of temporary foreign workers. Canada has an obligation to ensure these workers, who contribute to the labour market by providing the skills and expertise employers need when qualified Canadian workers are unavailable, are aware of their rights and are protected from abuse. The Government proposes to provide $194.1 million over five years, beginning in 2018–19, and $33.19 million per year ongoing, to ensure the rights of temporary foreign workers in Canada are protected and enforced through a robust compliance regime. Funding will support unannounced inspections under the Temporary Foreign Worker Program, the continued implementation of the International Mobility Program compliance regime, and the ongoing collection of labour market information related to open work permits.
In addition, the Government proposes to invest $3.4 million over two years, beginning in 2018–19, from Employment and Social Development Canada's existing resources to establish, on a pilot basis, a network of support organizations for temporary foreign workers dealing with potential abuse by their employers. This network would support these workers in reporting wrongdoing and provide information on their rights to temporarily remain and work in Canada free from harassment and abuse.

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  • See online (https://www.budget.gc.ca/2018/docs/plan/budget-2018-en.pdf)

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