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Report/Press release

Civil Society Contributions to the Special Rapporteur’s Report to the UN Human Rights Council on Migrant Labour Recruitment

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The UN Special Rapporteur on the Human Rights of Migrants will dedicate one of his 2016 reports to the Human Rights Council on international labour recruitment. His office requested inputs from civil society to contribute to the substance and analysis of his report.

In response, the Open Working Group circulated a call for inputs among its membership and hosted online discussions via email, online forums, Facebook, and Twitter. The inputs collected have been aggregated into a full report to the Special Rapporteur. The report outlines recommendations on migrant labour recruitment from CSO and migrant community perspectives.

Number of pages


Responsible institution

Migrant Forum in Asia, Open Working Group on Labour Migration & Recruitment

Place published

Quezon City, The Philippines



labour recruitment, CSOs, recommendations

Economic sectors

Management occupations - general

Content types

Policy analysis and Support initiatives

Target groups

Policymakers, Public awareness, Employers, agencies and their representatives, Unions, and NGOs/community groups/solidarity networks

Geographical focuses

Asia, China, International Organizations, Philippines, Bangladesh, India, Thailand, Vietnam, Japan, Taiwan, South Korea, Sri Lanka, Nepal, Pakistan, Malaysia, Global relevance, Regional relevance, and Cambodia

Spheres of activity

Law and Management of human resources