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Report/Press release

Assessment of the risks of human trafficking for forced labour on the UK Seasonal Workers Pilot.




Caroline Robinson


This report presents the findings of research conducted by Focus on
Labour Exploitation (FLEX) and Fife Migrants Forum (FMF) between
March 2020 and February 2021. This research was initiated in order
to seek to understand the risk of human trafficking for forced labour
for people coming to Scotland on the Seasonal Workers Pilot (SWP)
in the horticultural sector. A two-year SWP was announced by the UK
government in 2018 in response to concerns raised by farmers about
possible labour shortages in advance of and after the UK had left the
European Union (EU). During the development and launch of the SWP
the UK government did not engage in meaningful discussion with worker
representatives on the scheme, despite serious concerns raised by experts
on human trafficking and modern slavery. This report responds directly
to these concerns, seeking to document the voices and experiences of
the people who have come to Scotland on the SWP. In so doing it seeks to
develop strategies that can be taken by the UK and Scottish governments
to tackle the risks of human trafficking for forced labour on the SWP and
to protect current and future workers.

Responsible institution

Focus on Labour Exploitation (FLEX),

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Economic sectors

Agriculture and horticulture workers

Content types

Policy analysis, Documented cases of abuse, Current Policy, and Systemic/state violation of right/freedom

Target groups

Policymakers, Public awareness, Researchers, and NGOs/community groups/solidarity networks

Geographical focuses

United Kingdom