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The 2013 RCIS conference “Immigration and Settlement: Precarious Futures?”

Date and time

2013.05.15 to 2013.05.17, all-day


Policy relevant research is the graduate student topic that opens conversations on fundamental changes to the political and social landscape in Canada at the Ryerson Centre for Immigration and Settlement’s (RCIS) 2013 “Precarious Futures?” conference, from May 15 to 17, in Toronto.

The three-day conference will advance innovative and interdisciplinary research from diverse critical and institutional perspectives in the areas of immigration and settlement, international migration, integration, and diaspora and refugee studies. It aims to integrate theory with practice on international migration issues based on values of inclusion and respect for cultural diversity.

Observations by keynote speaker Dr. Bridget Anderson, deputy director of Oxford University’s Centre of Migration, Policy and Society (COMPAS) and author of Us and Them? The dangerous politics of immigration control (2013), reveal fault lines in Canada’s immigration policy and national identity. Are we “a nation of immigrants” or a community of values? Who are citizens? Who are migrants? What implications do these perceptions hold for our future?

Policy makers and front-line workers will be able to connect over local, regional, national and international networks to discuss and share evidence of what one observer has called the “creeping transformation” to the immigration and settlement sector.

The opening keynote panel on refugee settlement in Canada (May 15), and keynote presentations by Dr. Bridget Anderson from COMPAS (May 16), and Dr. Irudaya Rajan from the Centre for Development Studies in India (May 17) will be open to the public.

More than 300 delegates and 150 presenters and speakers are expected to attend the conference at the Ted Rogers School of Management, Ryerson University, 55 Dundas St. West, in Toronto. For information about the program and to register for the conference, visit: http://www.ryerson.ca/rcis2013conference,. Twitter: @rc1s and #rcis2013.

See conference website.
Preliminary Conference Program
Register for the Conference

A new session has been added to the 2013 RCIS conference program; this may be relevant to students you who are intending to do research on professional licensing:

Research opportunities: Licensing for internationally trained professionals

More research is needed to evaluate and accelerate progress on fair access to the professions. The Office of the Fairness Commissioner (OFC) collects narrative and statistical data from regulatory bodies and applicants in its ongoing work to make sure that people are treated fairly when they apply to become licensed professionals, regardless of their place of training. In this session, the Office of the Fairness Commissioner will present data that it could make available to graduate students and research questions that it would like to see explored.

Organizer: Office of the Fairness Commissioner
Presenter: Tanya Chute Molina, Program Adviser, OFC

To register for the conference, please visit: http://www.ryerson.ca/rcis2013conference/index.html


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  • Conference website (http://www.ryerson.ca/rcis2013conference/index.html)

  • Registration (http://www.ryerson.ca/rcis2013conference/registration/index.html)

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