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Screening of "The End of Immigration?"

Date and time

2012.10.15, 7:00 PM


Montreal filmmakers look at the regressive immigration policies of the Canadian state and the people most affected.

Marie Boti and Malcolm Guy / CA / 2012 / 52 ' / English.

WHAT: Screening of THE END OF IMMIGRATION preceded by shorts
WHEN: Monday, October 15, 7PM
WHERE: Room H-110, Concordia University, 1455 de Maisonneuve W.
COST: Suggested donation $2-5
INFO: cinemapolitica.org/concordia
SOCIAL MEDIA: Facebook event

man is Asian and he has a smile on his face. The sound of subway trains are heard already and we find ourselves in the belly of the earth in Vancouver. Latin American workers in 2006, hired temporarily, ploughing through the underground to set up the tube rail. I emphasize this is 2006. Not 1880s or before when mostly Chinese and some Indian workers were brought in to make the rail lines across Canada. These pictures are in colour. The workers wear luminescent safety gear and equipment. They are not the “coolies” we have seen, in sandals, with pick axes, in diffused black and white pictures from the past. But, the workers in the coloured pictures make $3:50 per hour, a balding, kind faced Union organizer informs us with great sadness. He goes on to say “These people are all gone. This tube line will be around for at least one hundred years. But these nameless people are gone.” He continues: “Our view of Canada is that we are a multicultural country. We do not exploit workers. We are shocked. This cannot be like what happened 140 years ago, when we brought in coolies, slaves!”

Well, welcome to the new Canada!

Click this link to view the trailer for the film and read more.




1455 de Maisonneuve W, Room H-110






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