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Your financial support is essential!

You can make a donation to MWR by making a secure online payment (option 1), by phone (option 2), or by cheque (option 3).

Note: If you are able to provide regular financial support (no matter how small!), please do so by choosing one of the monthly donation options below.

OPTION 1: Donations by Credit Card


If you would like to have your donation used to buy ticket(s) for a specific MWR benefit event, or to promote the respect of rights in a specific geographical area and/or within a specific employment sector, please mention it here:

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OPTION 2: Donations by Cheque

You can make a donation by cheque (or a number of post-dated cheques) to the order of DroitsTravailleursMigrants at the following address:


1340 Boul. Saint-Joseph est
Montréal, Québec
H2J 1M3

Thank you for donating to MigrantWorkersRights!