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Nagaland campaign against illegal Bangla migrants for survival

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2013.02.22, 4:26 PM


IMAPUR: The Public Action Committee (PAC) on illegal immigrants, formed by Naga Council Dimapur, would undertake a "pledge campaign" in view of threat posed by illegal Bangladeshi immigrants to the survival of the Nagas.

"The recent conflict in Bodoland between indigenous Bodos and illegal Bangladeshi immigrants has confirmed our worst fears that the safety of our land and people can no longer be guaranteed as long as aliens remain in our land illegally," the PAC said on Monday.

The pledge campaign would be launched on August 14 at 11 am at Naga Council building "symbolically representing the twin objective of freedom from aliens and economic independence".

The pledge campaign was unanimously agreed upon at a public meeting held on July 29 in Dimapur and a resolution was passed by Naga Council executive and councilors, Naga Women Hoho Dimapur, GBs, Colony Chairmen Forum, Youth Association of Nagaland, senior citizens, tribal hoho presidents, tribal youth organizations, as well as various colony and youth organizations, presidents of various welfare organizations, Niuland Citizen's Forum and DNSU.

It is a signature campaign to awake Naga people so that they can boycott Bangladeshi immigrants at voluntary and individual level. The campaign takes its inspiration from the successful "swadeshi" and "boycott" movements against British rule in India. It has its roots in Gandhian forms of agitation such as non-cooperation and civil disobedience movement. The pledge campaign is neither about Muslims nor is it about hatred and violence. It is about the danger posed by illegal immigration in Nagaland.

The campaign is an awareness drive to counter the conspiracy of "Greater Bangladesh" and negate a lie that there are no illegal Bangladeshis in India and Assam. This campaign would cover all districts of Nagaland with the help of tribal hohos and student bodies and all mass based organizations are requested to co-ordinate and co-operate to make the campaign a success.

There would be a total economic boycott. Any business establishment employing illegal Bangladeshi immigrants would be boycotted too. However, keeping in view the immediate economic realities of the state, Bangladeshi labour force, including agriculture labourers, would be kept outside the purview of boycott for the time being.

Citizens have been requested to patronize Naga business establishments and that of Indian citizens such as Marwaris, Biharis and Bengalis. Every bonafide Naga would pledge not to keep illegal Bangladeshi immigrants as tenants in their residences and commercial buildings.

"Pledge Registers" would be placed outside the building of Naga Council and at shops and popular hangouts for people to sign. Such registers would also be placed all over the districts under the sponsorship or patronage of local organizations. The pledge campaign shall strive to collect at least 1,00,000 signature by year end.



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