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2013.02.17, 5:05 PM


The advocacy is an important part of WARBE Development Foundation activities. Since its inception in 1997, WARBE DF has endeavored to defend Migrants’ Rights, to increase public awareness and to pursue the Government to adopt more appropriate laws to protect migrant workers.

Advocacy for Policy Changes in favor of Bangladeshi Migrants

One of the most important missions of WARBE DF is to advocate and lobby for policy change, for improvement in existing laws and for the observance of international standards promoting Migrants’ Rights and welfare, at the national as well as international level.

- Ratification of UN Convention 1990 & ILO Conventions: Since its establishment in 1997, WARBE Development Foundation has strongly campaigned for the ratification and the implementation of the UN Convention on the Protection of the Rights of Migrant Workers and Members of Their Families and ILO Conventions related to migration.

More information, see: WARBE Development Foundation and the UN Convention& ILO Conventions

- Development of a comprehensive labour standard to protect domestic workers: Migrant domestic workers are the most vulnerable category of migrant; they are at risk of diverse abuses. Therefore, WARBE DF is strongly advocating for the elaboration and the establishment of policies to protect them at the national as well as the international level.

- Regional and international discussion: Since migration is a transnational phenomenon, WARBE Development Foundation pays special attention to inter-regional and international dialogue. To achieve this goal, WARBE DF established partnerships with numerous of regional and international migrants’ organizations. This is an opportunity to create a strong platform to advocate more efficiently for the protection of migrants and to learn from other countries experiences.

More information, see:Our partners & WARBE DF and its involvement in the GFMD

Observance of 18 December - International Migrants Day (IMD)

Since 1998, WARBE has observed on each 18th December the “International Day of Solidarity with Migrant Workers”. In 2000, the United Nations proclaimed the 18th December as “International Migrants Day”. After the official establishment of the day, WARBE lobbied the Government of Bangladesh (GoB) for initiating some programs to celebrate the event. Eventually, the GoB has decided to observe the International Migrants Day along with migrants’ organizations since 2008.

18th December is an occasion for WARBE Development Foundation to organize social mobilisation campaigns (human chains, rallies…), to disseminate information about Migrants’ Rights, to raise awareness among stakeholders (discussion/seminars) and general public (press conferences) and to implement other activities to promote Migrants’ Rights.

Observance of Significant International Days

All significant days are an occasion for WARBE DF to advocate, to increase awareness and to discuss with different stakeholders. Each year, the Foundation observes:

The International Women Day: to promote, protect and advocate for the rights, welfare and dignity of women migrants.
The International Labor Day: to advocate for a better socio-economic and legal protection of migrant workers.
The International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women: to spread information about female Migrants’ Rights.
The World AIDS Day: to organize discussions about the HIV/AIDS and the health of migrants.
International Human Rights Day: to express WARBE DF’s concern on the frequent violation of migrants’ Human Rights.



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