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Caregivers deserve Immigration Status!

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2015.08.28, 8:10 AM


Between January and March of 2015, 90% of all Labour Market Impact Assessment (LMIA) applications for Caregivers were rejected. Without an LMIA, Caregivers in Canada cannot start new jobs, and Caregivers outside of the country can no longer come here. Not only does it mean that the Canadian government seems to be quietly trying to shut down the Caregiver program, it means that workers already in Canada cannot switch jobs, forcing workers to continue to work even in exploitative and abusive conditions. When employers lay-off caregivers, workers are left in a limbo where it is almost impossible to find new employment. At the same time, the processing time for permanent residency applications is currently at 46 months, up from 26 months in January 2014. This extended time period that Caregivers must live in limbo awaiting processing of their permanent residency application causes great anxiety, stress and ill-health.

Without new work permits, open work permits or permanent status, caregivers are vulnerable to abuse and exploitation,and that's unacceptable! Caregivers already face excessively long hours, unpaid overtime, stolen wages, and sometimes physical and emotional abuse. Furthermore, Caregivers are not protected against dangerous working conditions under the Occupational Health and Safety Act. The rejection of LMIAs will only worsen the situation of migrant caregivers.

On Sunday August 30, the Caregivers' Action Centre will be having a community discussion and press conference to talk about these issues. Members of the Caregivers' Action Centre will share their stories and call for the right to move between jobs, and permanent immigration status on landing for caregivers. There will also be a discussion period for the caregiver community to talk about the difficulties around LMIA rejections.

Your opinion matters.

Please come to the Caregivers' Action Centre and be a part of the discussion!

All current and former Caregivers and allies are invited.

RSVP right now by texting or calling Karina at (647) 782-6633, or e-mailing caregiversaction@gmail.com

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