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Centro Independiente de Trabajadores Agrícolas


CITA [Centro Independiente de Trabajadores Agrícolas]--Independent Farmworkers Center--is a New York State not-for-proft organization of farmworkers and their communities, committed to transforming our reality of poverty and marginalization through an integrated approach of grassroots organizing, leadership development, education, advocacy and consciousness-raising in the broader community.

Our goal is an empowered farmworker community that has a voice in the decisions that affect our lives. We believe that we have the right to dignity, decent living conditions, respect in the workplace, and equal protections under the law.

We take pride in our work, and in the current economic climate of intense competition, we can play an important role in making the farms on which we work more productive and successful.

-Organization of farm workers and the community as the best method of true empowerment

-Leadership development and education to better understand our rights and improve our effectiveness in finding solutions to the problems we face

Orientation and bilingual support to provide information, promote access to local services, and bridge language and cultural gaps

-Legal support to ensure enforcement of existing laws, assure completion of agreements and address immigration issues

-Legislative campaign to fight for equal rights and protections for agricultural workers

Outreach and alliance building with church leaders, unions, students and individuals who want to understand our reality and walk with us in solidarity



Endorsed campaigns

Economic sectors

Agriculture and horticulture workers

Geographical focuses

United States


English and Spanish